Our Story

Welcome to our neck of the woods.

JustAntlerz is located on a quiet patch of North Western Ontario, known for its rugged, unfiltered wilderness. We have always been tightly connected to nature through its myriad of freshwater lakes and explorable timber, so it goes with out saying that this is our happy place for solitude and total rejuvenation. We have a pretty incredible crew of Labrador retrievers that we share our time and space with, and when they aren't busy training to run licenced venues, they are zipping through the woods along side us, looking for bones..

Shed hunting is a privilege not shared by all, and while it may have started out as a hobby, it has since become an integral part of our lives. We are both avid big game hunters and long time fisher folk, so when those two seasons end for us, a new one begins. Our paddles are Canadian grown, naturally shed and are 100% wild sourced by us. No farms. No harm. No compromise. They are perfect for the avid Antler Collectors, Paddle Carvers, Crafters and Decorators of all sorts and of course, they are the Ultimate Pet Chewz. 

We understand the importance of offering high quality, natural products that are both safe and most enjoyable for your pets. Our KritterSnax are not only a sustainable and eco-friendly option for our dogs, but they also provide numerous health benefits. We have found that chewing offers them mental stimulation and helps expend built up energy which in turn, can relieve some of their daily stress and anxiety.  Antlers are a great source of protein, calcium, phosphorus and other trace minerals, and can help promote healthy teeth and gums by assisting in the reduction of plaque and tartar buildup. 

We have been sharing our carefully cut and sanded KritterSnax and whole paddles, with our puppy friends for many years and felt it was time to share the bounty with you.

Thank you so much for supporting our small business and sharing our passion for nature and the outdoor adventures.


Keep it Wild,